Train With Me!

Whether it's just you, a small group or your entire fantasy jai alai league, I can get you and yours stronger.


One on One!

Me at my most anal-retentive. We will nail down the vagaries of technique together in a way that continually moves you away from injury and stagnation and toward your goals.

Small Groups

Also called semi-private training (very on-trend); this means yourself and 1-3 other like-minded individuals basking in my tutelage for an hour at a time, simultaneously.

Strength & Skill Classes

Are you sick of pretending classes are for dumping calories at a fixed rate? Maybe sick of being lied to about "after-burn?" Come focus on forging abilities, and the body will follow.

As the great Max Shank Tells us, burning calories is as stupid as killing time.


Corrective Exercise

Yes, it's a thing. Not that you're somehow incorrect, but maybe when you stand up from a chair you shouldn't still be shaped like a chair. Let's make things easier on you.

Recovery & Mobility

Also known as "correctives," "active recovery" and "putting gas back in the tank."

No, training doesn't make you stronger. Recovering from training makes you stronger. Or leaner, or bigger, or whatever your -er happens to be. Can be tailored to individuals or groups!


SISU Strength House:

Strength & Power: Tuesday and Thursday, 5pm

Strength And Conditioning, Kettlebells: Tuesday and Thursday, 7pm; Saturday, 8:30am

Keep an eye out, as I'm frequently on deck teaching TRX Suspension Training or general S&C classes as well!